Augmented Reality

Inside the game AR; The tale of Archie.

AR The tale of Archie is a single player 3D puzzle game with Augmented Reality. The goal is to guide Archie, the character, to the top of the tower. The game is played on a tablet or smartphone. With the device the player scans an image target in the associated book. When the code is scanned the game pops up on the screen, where you still can see the area of the book. This combination of reality and virtual world is very unique. The player can physically walk around and see every angle of the game to solve the 3D puzzles.



Project: Design for Space, HKU 2nd year project.
Team: Happy Princesses Group, 4 HKU students and 2 UU students.
My Role: Leader / Game designer / Level designer


The Design for Space project is a project in the second year of the study at the HKU. The goal of this project is to make puzzles in a 3D environment. We had to pitch three good ideas for a jury, for us Augmented Reality rolled out.
Our team consisted of four HKU students and two UU (University Utrecht) students. We had a well assembled team and were eager to make something unique out of this project. The project took three months. We made a level editor so apart from the programmers the levels could be made with building blocks. The levels consisted of portals to bring the character upwards out of the dungeon tower. The levels had a nice transition of switching levels downwards.

The price we had won with our team was that we were invited by GameKings to review the game in their studio.

Our programmer had the interview with GameKings and showed AR The tale of Archie.

The Trailer: