S.P.O.T. Sensible Programmable Orbicular Thing

S.P.O.T is a computer that test the awkwardness of the human who will interact with her.
The reference of S.P.O.T. is G-spot, she will get excited by the interactions and impulses of the user. Our goal was to get the attention for sex and it’s awkwardness around it, we wanted to make the user be aware of it and that it’s oké to talk about.

Project: Emberlight Studio
Team: Paula van den Besselaar – Design and Writer
My Role: DesignHardware / Software 

The installation is build around an old diary telephone. Through this phone you will hear her voice and it sounds a bit like a callcenter. If the user will make the right answers, dial the right numbers, Spot will get an orgasm at the ending. As user you can touch her body (tits and booty), there are pressure sensors that will catch the impulses.

The installation contains Arduino Uno and technical materials. This was my first time ever to get in touch with this kind of technique. Hardware and Software were the main things I focused on.