Emberlight Studio, Interactive Light and Game Table

For the third year of my study I joined a fantastic team! Olivier Winsemius and Caroline Kilg had an amazing pitch about an interactive projection installation called: LOOP.

After three weeks of research, we came with a variant of LOOP. Instead of projection we went more abstractive and came with an interactive triangle pixel grid table. Which is modular and a new way of having a screen where you can play games on.

Next to this project we started Emberlight Studio, we had a vision to make this a business project and learn the basic of a startup.

Business Project: Emberlight Studio
Team: 3 people, Olivier Winsemius; Hardware and Software engineer, Caroline Kilg; Product design, Production and Managment.
My Role: Graphic Design / Product Design / Production / Hardware


The table consisted of 200 individual triangle cases attached to each other on a large surface. The cases were made out of polymer molds and sealed of with plexiglass triangle to hide the hardware that was inside every 200 triangle pixel. The hardware consisted of an infrared sensor and three LED’s, this was directed to a motherboard and a PC accu to give it enough power. When it was finished Emberlight Studio was standing on the Maker Faire 2016 in Hannover, Germany. We were interviewed by female entrepreneurs; here to see the interview at 19:18.