Virtual Reality

I did my internship at BrightAlley. I worked at a new VR project to help Dura Vermeer (a big construction company, client of BrightAlley) to develop a learning simulation of a highway construction site. This project was in association with an other intern. The situation we wanted to visualize was; a new employer of Dura Vermeer will have a VR course about learning safety with these kind of highway constructions. Before putting a VR headset on, he/she could look at a folder/guide to see what the assignment was. The person had to follow different tutorial levels and could choose which plan of construction was the safest way to be in at the end.  Then the player was dropped in the level and could walk around in the boundaries. He/She had to shovel asphalt on the side of a busy road. Then the outcome would be that a traffic jam would come and the player would be hit randomly by a car. After the session the game master should discuss the assignment and results afterwards.

Project: Internship at BrightAlley
Team: myself and one other intern.
My Role: Graphic Design / 3D modeler /  2D texturing / Testing

PDF of the guide (Dutch), this had to be read before the VR headset could be set on: