Graduation Project

My graduation project is a puzzle scenario of a live game. Before I began I had something else as a proposal. I wanted to look at replay ability of escape rooms. Because I found that it’s a waste for players that they can’t do these kind of physical games over again. My idea was to create an incubation room called; “stay room”. This room is in every household to go in and relax, do assignments in a game environment. But this was very hard to concretize. Lots of themes and possible interactions were in my head. Then 2 weeks later I had a conversation with one of the big Dutch escape room companies, Sherlocked, and explained my problem. The following day I got a message if I could help with the development of a live game about Nikola Tesla.

So, I immediately started to research on this person Nikola Tesla. What an amazing person was he! I didn’t know anything about him except for the Tesla Coils. So this project helped me a lot to understand more of him.

Graduation Project 2017: Tesla Experience
Team: Myself and an intern at Sherlocked
My Role: Concept / Game Design / Interaction Design / Hardware / Prototyping / Testing / Construction


The project was a bit shaped already, but still research and ideation had to be done. After many sketches of possible interaction/puzzles on subjects of Nikola Tesla. I developed one interaction further. This was ” wireless remote control boat” the real one was build by Nikola Tesla and invented wireless radio frequency and the logic gates (AND, NAND). For the end presentation I made a news paper what is kind of my documentation of about 60 pages. The exposure on HKU school I will be showing this newspaper, investigation wall of Nikola Tesla and the puzzle scenario.

Footage Exposure: