The exposition “ZORG LAND GOED, 750 jaar zorg in Deventer” wanted a playful, funny translation of a vitality check. Measuring heartbeat, strength and eyesight to reflect on your own vitality.

Project: ‘Vitaliteitscheck’
Team: Myself and Paula van den Besselaar
My Role: Concept / Interaction Design / Hardware / Construction


It took 7 weeks this project. To come up with a concept, 3D-drawing and build it up from scratch. Each side of the rectangular base structure had a theme.

1; The heart (heartbeat simulator).
2; The strength (hand and foot pedal with air pumps).
3; The eyesight (gears with lenses to see a viewing box).
4; The eye catcher. The eye catcher would face the windows by the entrance with the name ‘Vitaliteitscheck’.

There are little windows of the relevant subjects with green light behind them, such as a hearth window above the interaction of the heartbeat simulator. The whole rectangular box was painted light orange with black details.
On the inside there is a RaspberryPi which is controlling the heartbeat simulator, Linux program. Also the Arduino Uno controlling the strength sensors and lights.